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Bird Control Services

Bird Proofing

Preventing birds entering your property is of the utmost importance. We locate and secure all viable bird entry points to your premises. If bird nests are found, the area will be cleaned and sprayed for the control of bird lice.



Bird shooting is a profession that should be only used once there are no other methods explored possible to eradicate birds. This is usually the case in warehousing with high awnings.


That is where PCS differentiates from the other pest control company’s out there. Although some company’s may have licensing to do such work, it’s ultimately the years of  experience and exposure to such a vast variety of situations which has helped us progress to a level of high standard of control and safety for the staff, our client and for the public community.


Our senior onsite technician will need to carry out a site survey to determine the best method of approach. These procedures are almost always after hours, and also carried out over weekends in order to eliminate people traffic.


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In many circumstances we have faced situations that arise where only a physical barrier will only work.

In this case we move over to netting. Netting has been around for hundreds of years and is extremely effective in keeping out birds from the work place and from damaging stock. Netting has many advantages over all other methods as it simply stops the birds from entering the location of which they have invaded.


Put simply, they cannot go there!


We only use the highest quality and grade of bird netting material for all installations to ensure maximum protection. We use black stealth net which is made up of high-grade pre-tensioned nylon with superior strength to wind, rain, and heat from the sun. It is best to have a quick chat to us to first to find out the best bird netting solution for your situation. A site survey is required to measure and quote the area to be netted.



Bird spikes are a great deterrent to prevent birds from roosting on guttering, ledges, window sills and other flat surfaces by preventing them from being able to land. In some cases bird spikes can be used to restrict birds from landing on platforms, awnings, beams, and in many situations this is very successful. Our bird spikes are stainless steel with a Perspex base to allow for bends around pipes and round corners, ensuring many years of worry-free service. This will require a site survey to determine the success rate in order to maximize results.



Flex track and electric shock impulse track, which feed a low voltage current along a ledge to prevent birds from landing on and roosting on specific locations.


Bird Wiring

This is an option which we can use to deter birds from landing on buildings and ledges. A highly effective method of when used in the right situation.


Bird Repellent Gel

We use bird gel to stop birds from landing in areas where other methods don’t work or is not visually appropriate. This method causes discomfort to birds when they attempt to roost on items and is usually used on statues or fountains.


Bird Baiting

When other methods of bird control are not suitable, we use bird baits. This method strictly complies and is in accordance with the National Parks & Wildlife Service.


Bird Ultrasonic Repeller

Electronic ultrasonic repellers emit sounds that frighten, confuse and disorient pest birds within a certain range. It is particularly suited in certain situations such as facades and roof tops.