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What we can do.


Usually you don’t know you have a problem until all of a sudden they all appear at once. There are a combination of methods that can be applied through the use of sprays, dusts and gels. Our trained technicians will be the best person to determine the required approach once a site survey of your environment has been carried out.



Ants can often be one of the hardest pests to control as it is rarely possible to completely eradicate ants from the natural environment.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a ferocious appetite for human blood.  Typically we find most bed bug treatments arise from room sharing and transferred on personal items such as luggage and furniture. They can be found on bed frames, bed side tables, curtains, inside the brick work of walls, around window frames, and the most obvious the mattress.


When treating we offer a two-part service. This is purely for the sake that the initial treatment doesn’t necessarily always mean they are gone! We follow up on our work and seek feedback as to prevent a re-occurance  as we understand the discomfort of being eaten whilst asleep.



Cockroaches can just about call anywhere home. They have the ability to hide in places that even a trained eye cannot see.


Due to the range of cockroaches in Australia, the one that has the worst reputation of them all is the German cockroach. German cockroaches have the ability to breed so fast that they are known to have up to 44 babies per 6 weeks per couple. This pest cannot be taken lightly and immediate action is needed.


Cockroaches  are very dangerous especially in food environments, as they have the ability to spread diseases from drains and sewers to food utensils. They contaminate food, spread diseases, and can offset foul odours when they get in large numbers.


German cockroaches for units , apartments, and commercial kitchens require a pest maintenance program to keep ahead of them as they have the ability to reinfest very rapidly if left to chance.



Fleas require a host to survive and a pre-start inspection of the areas is required for flea treatment success and also to make sure everything is safe before we start.


We use a variety of formulations around your property. We use an insecticidal dust in your sub floor. We also treat various areas inside your home including hard floor surfaces, carpets, rugs, sofas and under furniture.


We also treat outside areas as well as patios. We use the safest pesticides available and recommend an insect growth regulator which interrupts all stages of the life cycle of the flea. These IGR’s enhance the treatment and are amongst the best products available with proven results.


Rodent control – Rats and Mice

Rodents tend to live within close proximity of where they have been sighted. Mice usually live no more than within a 9 metres radius and rats tend to be around the 15 metre mark. In saying this, they are usually more active around the colder periods. They have a fast breeding rate and have the ability to fall pregnant only one day after delivering a litter of babies.


Hygiene and sanitisation is as important as the treatment itself. Proofing of any holes and entry points is paramount to the success of their eradication.


Every scenario is different and inspections are usually the starting point to any method of treatment.



Spiders can be a hard pest to control around the house especially if the environment is providing all the resources they need to thrive.

These include bush lands, neighbouring parks, creeks and riverbeds, tropical environments where flying insects are continuously available.


In order to control the spider activity levels around the home, a spot treatment is required to kill and destroy spiders around the premises.


There is no prevention methods and or any chemical that can continuously control spiders without making physical contact with the spiders body itself.


Therefore a scheduled external spray would be highly recommended for clients who continuously battle with spiders on a daily or weekly basis.



European wasps usually search for a sheltered and dry place to build their little honeycomb nest, and unfortunately can be easily disturbed whilst carrying out simple chores like gardening or trimming back trees.


They can deliver a nasty and in some case a lethal sting if a person has allergies towards wasps’ stings. An anti-histamine is usually required if someone is allergic and urgent medical attention is required.